I got an 'Oops' message - what does it mean?

‘Oops! You need to log in to use ninjawin.’

To use ninjawin, you need to log in using your Twitter or Facebook account. See the guide for more details.

‘Oops! Something went wrong!’

Something has gone wrong - try again a little later. If it’s still not working, drop the team an email or send Master Hoot-San a tweet on Twitter.

Any other ‘Oops!’ messages

Twitter has strict rules on the number of tweets that can be made in a short period of time, and will suspend any accounts it thinks are abusing these rules. Ninjawin deals with this by placing various limits on the number of tweets you can send, as well as stopping you from submitting duplicate tweets. The limits vary based on age of account, how many tweets have been sent outside of ninjawin etc. The team review these limits regularly to make sure no ninjas end up in Twitter jail!