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How to enter contests

Twitter contests

Entering Twitter contests with ninjawin couldn’t be easier! Once you’ve signed in or linked your Twitter account, you can browse and filter the contests using the filters at the top of the page. Once you’ve found a contest you want to enter, use the follow button to follow the host(s)’s Twitter account. Use the retweet to enter button to enter. The tweet button is disabled until you are following the host.

If you’re already following the host, you’ll see an unfollow button, which you can use if you want to unfollow the host. You might also find the manage following tool handy if you’re reaching that dreaded follow limit!

Facebook contests

Because there’s a few different ways hosts can ask you to enter contests on Facebook, you can’t enter these directly from the site. For Facebook contests, you will see an enter contest button. Clicking this will take you directly to the competition’s page on Facebook, where the entry requirements for the contest should be shown. Once you’ve entered the contest, back on ninjawin, you can hit the more button on the contest, and mark as entered. You can use this to track which contests you have left to enter!

Extra entry requirements

Sometimes hosts require you follow them on Twitter and like their page on Facebook - in this case, the contest could be listed as both a Twitter and a Facebook contest - you will be able to find a contest panel for each and enter in the usual way.