So long and thanks for all the comps!

Sadly ninjawin is no longer. A huge thank you to all the awesome ninjas who contributed, the site would not have existed without you.

The tough decision was made to call it a day due to a lack of time to continue maintaining the site and the monetary costs of keeping it ticking along.

We wish you all the best, keep on comping and winning those prizes!

Gobblin' Goblins!

The main developer of ninjawin (Angela Dickens) has turned her attention to the board game world! She worked her butt off building and maintaining ninjawin for the last 5 years and she'd be massively grateful for any support of her card game Gobblin' Goblins, which has now launched on Kickstarter! It's a light, fun, family friendly game with a delightfully gross theme.

Click the button below and go have a looksee:

Visit the Kickstarter page

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Gobblin' Goblins - The 'Orrible Eat-A-Thon Card Game