Goodbye twit ninja, hello ninjawin!

04 May 2014 by Mandy

Twit to who??

Hello ninja friends! I know what you’re thinking… what’s all this ninjawin business? Where’s my beloved twit ninja got to? Fear not! All the lovely Twitter contest-y goodness is still here, but with loads more goodies built in! Here’s a little snapshot of everything we’ve been up to at ninja HQ lately, and the extras we’re bringing to you today:

Facebook has landed

Yup, that’s right, you can now use your ninja account to find, submit and track Facebook contests. You can even sign in and link your Facebook account. If you’ve stumbled across a Facebook contest you wished you could submit for ninja approval, the time has finally come! And with the new functionality comes a new ninja – Master Growl-San is your resident keeper of all things Facebook – we couldn’t ask Master Hoot-San to double up his workload now could we?

Mobile friendly

The ninja nerd team have been tinkering away and have made all the best bits of the site mobile-friendly. Check out the site in your browser on your phone, tablet or computer and get a tailored experience to fit your screen. You’ll find it easy to keep on top of your ninja entries on the go

Blog, guide and FAQ

You’re reading a blog post! We’ve added this little place for the team to keep you up to date on any ninja goings-on. We’ve transferred over the ninja FAQ and added some handy guide articles to help you along on your ninja journey

So what’s next? Well, the team have got some more bits and bobs planned, like getting some of the lesser-used parts of the site mobile-friendly, and maybe even catering for more types of contests, but only if that’s something you’d go for! We’d love you to be a part of the site as it grows – if you’ve got a dazzling idea, or just have a little tweak you’d make here or there, get in touch

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