Return of the stats!

14 May 2014 by Angela

Contest hosts may have noticed the absence of the stats pages when ninjawin went live last week. As of today, contest stats are back in action! Here’s a quick guide on what’s new and what’s to come in the wonderful world of ninjawin contest statistics…

Graphs begone, tables arise!

First off, we’ve canned graphs in favour of lovely, straight forward tables. As nice as a visual representation can be, the numbers are what’s really important. Whether it be how many entries or how many clicks, you’ll get an instant idea when you view the stats for your contest. The second reason we’ve gone for tables…

Stats on the go

You can see how your tracked contests are performing on your tablets and mobile devices! Very handy.

Snapshot statistics

Get a quick count of how many entries or clicks your contest has received today or in the last week, as well as overall totals for it’s duration.

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