We're not able to collect all of the terms and conditions for each of the contests that appear on this site.

For individual terms and conditions, please refer to the tweet content, or to the hosts' Twitter account.

Contests without defined terms and conditions may still appear on; we cannot take responsibility for the validity of all contests featured here.

Feature spots

Contests featured on ninjawin will appear on the front page of the site and at the top of the contest listings from 12am GMT to 12am GMT the following day of the date the feature spot was booked for.

The promotional tweet from the Twitter account @ninjawincom will go out at a 'sociable time' for the one of the target regions for the contest. See the table below for hours deemed sociable by ninjawin and their corresponding regions:

Region Sociable Hours (GMT)
UK and ROI 9.00am - 12.59pm GMT
USA and Canada 1.00pm - 4.59am GMT
Australia 8.00pm - 11.59am GMT

The ninjawin store prevents feature spots being purchased for contests post their expiry date. However this does not apply to contests with follower target or retweet count expiry conditions. Ninjawin does not take responsibilty for contests that meet their follower target or retweet count expiry conditions whilst being featured and will not offer refunds. The host may instead extend the contest being run.

If the host's Twitter account becomes suspended during the featured period ninjawin reserves the right to expire the contest until the ban has been lifted. The host can then get the contest reinstated via ninjawin.