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Win £20/$30 in Amazon gift cards UK entries allowed USA entries allowed

Listen up ninjas! You can earn ninja points (NP) by using ninjawin! We'll reward our top 3 ninjas once a month with Amazon Gift Cards. Prizes are announced on the 20th each month. How good is that?

1st receives a £20 / $30 Amazon Gift Card

2nd receives a £10 / $15 Amazon Gift Card

3rd receives a £5 / $10 Amazon Gift Card

How to earn ninja points


Enter a featured contest: 2 ninja points
Enter a contest on a day it's being featured and you'll receive 2 ninja points. That's 2 ninja points per featured contest per day ninjas.


Approve a contest: up to 3 ninja points
Help pass judgement on an incoming contest. If the ninja community or an admin agrees with you, then 3NP will head your way.


Enter an exclusive contest: 3 ninja points
Enter a contest exclusive to ninjawin. You can enter these up to 3 times and receive 3NP each time.


Submit a contest: up to 8 ninja points
5 ninja points if you submit a valid contest to ninjawin. Earn extra perfect points for accurate titles, categories and expiry conditions.


Check in to ninjawin: 10 ninja points
You can earn 10 ninja points every 8 hours by just popping in to to ninjawin and saying hello. It's as easy as that!

This month's rankings

# Ninja NP
1 DaleDow1982 DaleDow1982 382NP
2 Johnson53Debbie Johnson53Debbie 157NP
3 trayjayh trayjayh 155NP
4 l4nelson l4nelson 20NP
5 Cola_Cube_Nic Cola_Cube_Nic 20NP
6 stanleystocks stanleystocks 20NP
7 mortimer96634 mortimer96634 12NP
8 StaceyLaura92 StaceyLaura92 10NP
9 katieblair97 katieblair97 10NP
10 haltyballa haltyballa 10NP